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The Portal: Connecting Dallas To The World at NorthPark Center

July 25 - September 25

NorthPark Center is known for its renowned 20th and 21st century art collection, is adding a unique temporary installation to its art-filled corridors. NorthPark is the latest location to host a Portal by Shared_Studios, an immersive audiovisual space that opens a window to a network of sites around the world. The Portal will be on view at NorthPark through September 25, 2019 in Macy’s Court.

Portals are physical structures that bring people together who would never otherwise meet.  When you enter a Portal, you come face-to-face with someone somewhere else on earth, live and full-body—as if in the same room.

Portals connect people separated by distance and difference for conversation, education, collaboration, and play. The NorthPark Portal will connect to the entire Portals network, including sites in Afghanistan, Honduras, Iraq, Jordan, Germany, Rwanda, and Mexico. The Portal is a resource through which Dallas can access the richness of human diversity. Live interpretation is available, and the experience is free and open to the public. 

Every Portal is staffed by a real human being—someone who facilitates dialogue, provides live language interpretation, and connects their community to the world.

Portals are what happen when we are intentional about building a social network. They embody the mission of Shared_Studios: to give people everywhere a chance to tell their own story, to explore the diversity of human experience, to connect people separated by distance and difference in encounters that are humanizing and real.