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The Pop Up Project

pop up project logoThe Pop Up Project aims to continue the dialogue between NorthPark Center's world-class art collection and emerging artists. Inspired by the concept of pop-up stores—temporary spaces that introduce young, up-and-coming brands to a new audience—The Pop Up Project engages a rotating roster of fresh voices from the art world, providing them with two-dimensional spaces to activate throughout the year. As new, vibrant works continue to "pop up" throughout the year at NorthPark, we hope you enjoy discovering, participating, and interacting with this initiative, including tagging your photos on social media with #PopUpProjectNP.


leah flook art

American, b. 1993. Lives and works in Dallas, Texas. Instagram: @LeahFlookU
Space Gaze, 2019

Leah Flook is interested in the meanings behind religious tapestries and still-lifes, often exploring and reworking their symbologies within her work. These genres are known for portraying thoughts of mortality. For example, a candle slowly burning marks the passage of time, wilting flowers show our bodies' fragility, and a skull reminds us of our soul's eventual departure from our physical beings. Flook integrates these themes within her work to create what she considers an arena for "battles" to take place between multiple opponents. When creating these arenas, Flook things about a space in which physical confines are eliminated and where thoughts can be explored freely. 

This piece is located on the southern exterior of NorthPark Center.


carolyn ridsdale art

Australian, b. 1966. Lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Instagram: @CarolynRidsdale
The Art of Shopping, 2019

Carolyn Ridsdale is an award-winning illustrator noted for her distinctive photographic collages. She takes elements from the printed matter that surrounds us, re-arranges them, and feeds them back into the same medium, giving a constant contemporary feel to her images. Her artwork often highlights a humorous twist, illustrating a concept or text with both original and intelligent insights of her own. 

This piece is located on Level One in NorthCourt.


uplift education art

Explosion of Identity, 2019

Jason Aleman, Elizabeth Bush, Crystal Crawford, Amy Cruz, Tatayana Deterville, Derrica Douglas, Cynthia Espindola, Alyieah Hubbard, Daja Johnson, Theresia LaFrance, Alicia Lopez, Courtney McClellan, Evelyn Medrano, Imari Nunn, Jayline Perez, Mia Salvador, RaGesa Sampson, Tiara Sulcer, Brianna West, Kennedy Wofford, and Uplift Art Teacher Lauren Thompson 

As part of our continued partnership with Uplift Education, a selection of twenty Uplift Scholars have painted a site-specific mural as an extension of NorthPark’s Pop Up Project art initiative. Throughout the school year, Uplift Scholars in the Diploma Programme Visual Arts course have finetuned their own artistic style, exploring their identity through artistic expression. In this mural, the scholars highlight lessons learned throughout this program, depicting what identity means to them.

This piece is located on Level Two behind the AMC Ticket Counter.


zeke williams art

American, b. 1979. Lives and works in Dallas, Texas. Instagram: @ZekeWilliams
Athor/Laurentia, 2019

Zeke Williams begins his digital creations in the gaming app "Noby Noby Boy" to create unique compositions. The designs continue to evolve in Adobe Illustrator, where the outlines are filled with prints either remixed or originally created by Williams. In his studio practice, each original work is printed onto canvas and presented as a continuous diptych or triptych. In Athor/Laurentia, Williams partnered with a fabricator to produce and install the designs in vinyl. Working in an exclusively digital format, Williams sees the possibilities for his artwork to become infinite, eliminating limitations often present in other classical mediums. 

This piece is located on Level One between Neiman Marcus and Dillard's.


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