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Kaitlin McDonald

Discover one of the newest treasures to arrive at our BVLGARI boutique:  La Gemme fragrance collection.  Inspired by the precious stones of BVLGARI, Daniela Andrier created six scents to embody the essence of amethyst, citrine, moonstone, peridot, pink tourmaline and turquoise.  Each bottle embodies a different gemstone and its envisioned scent.

For Andrier, designing these fragrances was a symbolic return to the past glamour of perfumes.  For her, “a fragrance is like a jewel, an ornament and a form of light.”  Inspired by the rapport between the color and light of the BVLGARI gemstones, Andrier created their mysterious and magical scents.

The amethyst inspired the Ashlemah fragrance.  This truly noble and aristocratic fragrance consists of lavender essence, iris absolute and musk.  The Amethyst was a highly sacred gem for the nobility, often being associated with divinity and knowledge.

The gem of the morning sun, the citrine, influenced the scent of the Maravilla fragrance.  This bright, elegant fragrance embodies the “joie de vivre” of the Mediterranean light.  Notes of the Italian lemon tree, orange flower absolute and Indonesian patchouli essence create this enchanting fragrance.

The Calaluna fragrance infuses the scents of white iris, heliotrope, and sandalwood together.  The fragrance was inspired by the moonstone, which is believed to possess powers of receptivity, intuition and magnetism.

Reminiscent of Egypt’s Ancient Pharaohs, the Lilaia fragrance was inspired by the peridot gemstone.  The peridot represents life, prosperity and regeneration.  Lilaia contains scents of galabanum, mastic absolute and musk which express and rejuvenation.

The pink tourmaline serves as a symbol of love, which inspired the Amarena fragrance.  Composed of a balance between amarena cherry, rose centifolia and Indian tuberose, this feminine fragrance captivates with its sensuality.

The final fragrance in Andrier’s collection is Noorah.  Noorah takes us back to the glorious era of the Silk and Spice Routes, where the turquoise was a revered trading item.  This sensual fragrance contains the scents of narguile vapors, candied dates, and Laotian benzoin.

For more information about the La Gemme fragrance collection, please contact our BVLGARI boutique at 214.414.9666.