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Isabel O'Neill

The first time I walked into PIRCH, I immediately wanted to try out each and every kitchen gadget. Recently, I was able to fulfill that dream when I attended one of their “Cooking by the Book” classes. Every Sunday from 12:30-2PM, the talented chefs at PIRCH host 12 guests in the kitchen showroom and teach recipes from the array of cookbooks sold in-store. The classes fill up quickly, so I signed up several weeks in advance and eagerly awaited my turn.

After being greeted with a complimentary beverage, I put my apron on and started cooking in the Savor Kitchen. My friend and I decided to take on a "divide and conquer" strategy for the rustic onion and apple tart with blue cheese crumbles we were assigned to make. The recipe came from Salt Block Cooking, which is a collection of dishes featuring a Himalayan pink salt block. The block can be frozen, grilled, or placed in the oven and it seasons your food perfectly.



As we were making the tart, our fellow classmates made Mediterranean spiced meatballs with red sauce from Food & Life.

The classic saying, “save the best for last,” proved true when it came to dessert. Also from Salt Block Cooking, we made a mocha-panna cotta gelato. The espresso and chocolate base was premade, so all we had to do was spread the mixture on a frozen salt block and flip it a few times before placing it into the ice cream machine. After a few minutes, we had creamy, salty gelato that was ready for devouring – and that I did.

Overall, it was an exciting Sunday afternoon and I recommend the class for all skill levels. I left with a new salt block, new tips, and an urge to plan a menu for my week.

To sign up for a cooking class or for more information, contact PIRCH at 469.250.9750.