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Shelby Foster

peloton treadmill

One of the biggest challenges in any fitness journey is making the time to exercise within a hectic schedule. Enter Peloton, the busy person's answer studio-level fitness at home. Founded by John Foley in 2012, Peloton uses technology and design to connect the world through fitness—empowering users to be their best self anytime, anywhere. 

The brand's newest launch is the Tread. It features a 32-inch touch screen that feels larger than life, with a powerful built-in soundbar below. The low-impact, high-powered slat belt on the treadmill protects joints and keeps you safe throughout the workout. 

Peloton's first creation was the Bike, which broke industry standard for its innovation and unique experience. The Bike has a more compact footprint than the Tread, measuring 4 feet by 2 feet, making it ideal for smaller spaces. The machine is fully adjustable to your height and needs, and features a 22-inch touch screen. 

peloton bike

The digital app offers many ways to sweat. Feel the infectious energy of the Peloton studio in New York City by taking live classes, or conquer your goals on your own time with hundreds of classes on demand. The Peloton workouts aren't limited to just the bike or treadmill, though. Class types extend to strength, bootcamp, and stretching as well. The classes range greatly in length—5 minutes up to 1 hour— allowing you to get a workout in no matter what.

If you decide to take a live class, the level of engagment on the high definition screen mimics the interaction you'd receive in a traditional group fitness class. You're able to high five other exercisers, as well as filter by age or gender to make new connections. On the left side of the screen, you'll find real-time metrics, including your heart rate, distance, speed, and output. 

Take a wider approach to your routine by utilizing one of Peloton's instructor-curated programs, which can help you with core strength, race preparation, bootcamp training, and more.

Everyone knows that good music is essential for a great workout. Explore instructor playlists and even create your own by saving your favorite songs during classes. 

While the $39/month membership to the digital app is required to use the Tread and Bike, anyone can sign up to take advantage of the classes offered under the same membership by using a computer, tablet, or smart phone. This feature makes it easy to keep up your routine anytime, including while traveling. 

The NorthPark Peloton showroom, located on Level One between Macy's and Dillard's, offers personalized tutorials with both machines. Learn more by calling 214.504.2951.