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Isabel O'Neill

There are so many fragrances in the beauty world, it can be daunting to find the perfect match for you. Luckily, you have the opportunity to try before you buy. I got the chance to talk to Chad Spurrier from diptyque NorthPark and got his top tips and guidance to make shopping effortless.

I first asked Chad how often one should change their scent. He said there is “no hard and fast rule” and that it might be natural to want a heavier fragrance in the winter months and lighter in the summer months. Chad offered a wonderful perspective by saying, “I always compare fragrance to what do you want for dinner?” as we all have different taste and preferences. It is the same with smell. The diptyque store offers everything from light and fresh to spicy. Basically, the steps for picking out a new scent are to ask for help, start smelling and trust yourself.

I am familiar with diptyque’s candles but not as much with their personal fragrance line. I curiously asked Chad about customer favorites. “One of our best sellers right now is the Do Son and we generally sell it in this Eau de Parfum,” Chad said. If you are interested in a different application method, try the new bars of soap or shower oil that foams up like a body wash.


Philosykos is another favorite and has the entire fig tree in it leaving you with a light, sweet smell good enough to eat. It is also available in a roller, perfect for travel.

Their third most popular, L’Ombre dans l’Eau, contains black currants and roses. It is not quite as sweet as Philosykos but strong and fresh. Every single diptyque scent has its own story and is reminiscent of somewhere the founders have lived or traveled.

Chad’s last piece of advice: spray the test scent on your pulse points and let it set in. Unlike many brands, none of the diptyque fragrances have pH correctors in them so they will smell different on everyone.

For more information, please contact the diptyque boutique at 214.987.1799. Be sure to visit Chad and explore the lovely personal fragrances for yourself!