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Shelby Foster


On Labor Day, September 4, 1978, NorthPark Center was a hub for Texas politics - more specifically, the 1978 United States Senate election. The shopping center hosted a special “Meet the Candidates” event featuring politicians running for local and statewide offices.  According to a NorthPark press release dated August 28, 1978, the event was meant to “enable candidates for the 1978 November election to come in contact with a large number of the Dallas community and give Dallas voters the chance to be personally introduced to their favorite candidates.” What better place to do so than NorthPark? It was quite unheard of for a happening like this to take place in a shopping center.



A visit from First Lady Rosalynn Carter was the highlight of the day. A snippet from her travel itinerary, above, indicates that she arrived at 2:15PM, flanked by Dallas Mayor Robert Folsom, Congressman Robert Krueger, and of course, Raymond and Patsy Nasher. The First Lady spoke at a white lattice podium erected just for the occasion in High Court (now, SouthCourt, between Neiman Marcus and Dillard’s).