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Kristen Gibbins

Facial hair is a distinguishing mark that is becoming more popular for men.  Whether it’s a full beard or a simple mustache, The Art of Shaving offers unique products specifically designed for everyday grooming needs.

Horn Moustache Comb

Beautiful as it is functional, the Horn Comb ($25) is a simple, yet effective tool for moustache maintenance. Because it’s made of natural water buffalo horn, it won’t strip your hair of natural oils, leaving it smooth and lustrous.

Moustache Scissors

To maintain the perfect moustache shape, you’ll need a great pair of scissors on hand, such as these classic sharp-end implements ($20). Made of durable stainless steel, these scissors will hold up for months and won’t corrode with exposure to water.

Beard Trimmer

If you sport a full beard, it’s important to find an effective trimmer. The Art of Shaving offers a few options such as the Series 7 Beard Trimmer by Braun ($65) shown above. The adjustable comb allows you to choose the perfect length and style your beard exactly the way you want.