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Isabel O'Neill

For centuries, caviar has been known to be a magical source of dense, rich nutrients. Scarce and coveted, caviar is a precious ingredient, sought after for its prestige and its power to enrich and regenerate the skin. La Prairie’s new Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion is the ultimate indulgence to firm and lift skin.

Elizabeth Lamont is Vice President Marketing at La Prairie for North America. In this role, Lamont oversees Marketing, Communication and E-Commerce activities for La Prairie. She is also responsible for providing the strategic marketing direction through all channels of distribution. Ms. Lamont joined the company in 2012.

With over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, we asked the expert about her skincare tips.


IO: Tell us about the new Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion.

EL: It’s a new, yet essential, first step in your skin care ritual.  After cleansing and toning, this pre-hydrating, lifting, and firming essence not only treats the skin with an infusion of caviar water (a new form of caviar!), but also prepares skin for the ensuing serum and moisturizer to follow.  Essence-in-Lotion acts like a “moisture magnet” and pulls those treatments deep into the skin.


IO: How should one apply it? How do you properly prep your skin for this product?

EL: Cleanse and tone first, to take away all impurities, and then pour a dime-sized amount of Essence-in-Lotion into the palm of your hand and then press into the skin on the face and neck.  It’s a nurturing but lightweight hug for you skin – trust me, you’ll feel it!


IO: How often should one exfoliate?

EL:  2-3 times a week, regardless of skin type.  Drier skins need to clear away patchy areas of skin, while oiler skins need to allow oil to come to the surface to be cleansed away.  Our Cellular 3-Minute Peel is an easy, brush-on formula that leaves skin smooth and retexturized.


IO: What tips do you have for preventing dry skin as winter approaches?

EL: Well, exfoliation is a must.  And the same way you dress in layers for the winter, you should treat skin in layers.  Serums followed by moisturizers, and perhaps a slightly richer one, for both the face and the eyes.  And if you feel that’s still not enough, a couple of drops of our Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil added to your moisturizer adds a little more oomph, and helps strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier to keep moisturizers in the skin.


IO: What is the one skincare item you cannot live without?

EL: Of course, Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion is my new favourite, but nothing matters if you don’t use sunscreen every single day.  I’ll lecture a stranger on a plane about it!  La Prairie’s Cellular Swiss UV Protection Veil SPF50 combines a broad-spectrum sunscreen with ingredients to help brighten the complexion, combat the effects of pollution and prime skin for foundation.  It’s a must!


IO: What sets La Prairie apart from other skincare brands?

EL: At the core of all our formulas is our exclusive Cellular Complex, which improves skin function at the very level where cells are created.  On top of that, our rare and precious ingredients – for their benefits, and not simply because they’re indulgent – like caviar, gold and platinum ensure that our performance out-delivers our promise.  Did I mention the opulent textures?  You’ll be hooked – just ask the customers who’ve been fans since we made our debut in 1978. 

To purchase La Prairie, visit Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom.