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It’s the holiday season, and at NorthPark Center

We’re going to have a spectacular winter!

I’m Santa Claus and I’ve written this rhyme

So you can start planning your holiday time.


I am quite the expert in holiday things

Turtle doves, French hens and, yes, golden rings.

So take my advice; it’s the best that you’ll find.

And your holiday will be one-of-a-kind.


On the third of December, we’ll say with great cheer,

“The Booker T. Washington jazz choir’s here!”

Good news for all! In just two more days

The New Texas Symphony Orchestra plays!


If dancing and prancing is more of your speed

Santa’s got just the events that you need.

On the sixth of December, come see four dance shows

The dancers we’ve booked are incredible pros!


And the week after that, you must come and see

A show by the Dallas Ballet Company!

Scenes from “The Nutcracker” done with such grace,

NorthPark is truly a magical place!


That’s all I have time for; there’s so much to do!

Feeding my reindeer and wrapping gifts, too.

So start planning today – details are here

And I’ll go about spreading holiday cheer!