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Kristen Gibbins

Last weekend, NorthPark Center had the pleasure of welcoming a group of visually impaired and blind students from Mesquite, Forney, and Allen for a special VIP visit to the shopping center. Our hope was to make them feeling extra special and to give them the opportunity to experience the magic of NorthPark Center through a uniquely tailored tour of the shopping center.     

The group started their tour at the Apple Store where they were able to try out the latest gadgets.  From listening to music on headphones to discovering new apps on i-pads, everyone left with a good understanding of how to incorporate technologies into their everyday lives.

On the way to our next stop, we gathered by the large Mark di Suvero sculpture, Ad Astra, to talk about this massive, 2-story sculpture, and to feel the strong steel that makes up its arms. One of the boys, Steven, reached his cane high up into the air to see just how far up this sculpture went.

Then we were off to Build-A-Bear where everyone created their own fluffy friend. From the “heart ceremony” to picking out special outfits, the group enjoyed the tactile experience of putting their animals together.

Smelling and tasting tea was a great experience at Teavana.  Dried fruits, flowers and tea leaves make each of the flavors unique, and the students discovered their favorites.  Tasting rock sugar was also a sweet experience as it tasted just like candy. 

Next up, we headed to Kiehl’s where everyone enjoyed hand massages and smelled various lotions.  The ‘hands-down’ favorite was coconut because of its fresh scent and creamy texture.

Before the day came to a close, we enjoyed a tasting of gelato from Pacuigo.  It was a wonderful day, and we wish the best to this talented group of students who came out to experience NorthPark Center.