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Kristen Gibbins

Most children are back in school, which means it’s time to hit the books and get serious about learning.  Even at a young age, teachers agree that the single most important thing parents can do to help their children get ahead is to spend time reading with them every day.

The greatest resource for early learners in North Texas happens to be at NorthPark Center.  Bookmarks is a special Dallas Public Library space located within the shopping center dedicated to children ages 12 and under.  From the moment you walk into the library, you know you have arrived into a fairytale land of endless adventure with its whimsical murals, kid-friendly décor and dedicated staff.

With more than 5,000 books, DVDs, audio books, and CDs in stock, you are able to check out for free a wide variety of age-appropriate material for free, including the most popular children series books such as The Magic Tree House.  For those interested in staying a while, there are games and puzzles to play with, computers with learning games, and spaces in which to cozy up and settle in with a great book.

Another free resource for parents is Bookmarks’ robust events program, which features interactive storytimes, presentations and performances available for all ages.  Upcoming programs include “Tickles for Toddlers” on Thursday at 10:30 am in NorthCourt, “Baby Bounce Basics” on Thursday at 12:30 pm in Bookmarks, and “Yogees Yoga 4 Kids” on Friday at 10:30 am in Bookmarks. For a complete list of programs, visit NorthPark Center’s event page.