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Kristen Gibbins

If your new year’s resolution is to take more time for yourself, then start the year off right with a moisturizing soak in the tub.  Let dad take care of the kids while you refresh your spirit and your skin with some all-natural bath soaks from Origins, Fresh and Lush at NorthPark Center.



Whether you’re just back from a ski vacation, or simply worn out from chasing your kids around over the break, your muscles are probably stiff and sore. Origins at NorthPark Center offers a great fix with its Ginger Float Cream ($29), a bubbling bath elixir that utilizes the purifying-powers of ginger to invigorate your skin and relax your aching body.



Another natural option for the tub is the Sugar Lemon Sugarbath Cubes ($38) from Fresh at NorthPark Center. Pop a few of these cubes in the bath to activate the ingredients.  You’ll enjoy the refreshing lemon scent and the real brown sugar that creates bubbles to help remove dead skin cells.



Another effective, all-natural ingredient for bath time enjoyment is butter, which is incorporated in Lush’s Dreamtime Luxury Bath Melt ($6.95).  The combination of ingredients, including natural herbals of jasmine, lavender and chamomile, will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. It’s great to use right before bedtime to help you relax and unwind.