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Loryn Weddle

Since 2012, OMEGA has been a supporter of Orbis International and its Flying Eye Hospital. The Flying Eye Hospital is a specially converted jumbo jet with a fully equipped mobile ophthalmic hospital and teaching facility. Four special watches were created to celebrate the partnership between OMEGA and Orbis International. A portion of the proceeds from sales of these watches benefits the organization and its flying hospital to deliver high quality eye care to some of the most remote and developing regions in the world.


Constellation Star


De Ville Hour Vision Blue Annual Calendar 


After each eye surgery, children are given the Orbis International teddy bear. It has become a symbol of the organization’s efforts. In addition, OMEGA has launched a new campaign with supermodel Cindy Crawford for a chance to win a visit to the Obis Flying Eye Hospital during an upcoming program!


To enter:

1. Visit the OMEGA Boutique

2. Take a selfie with the Orbis teddy bear

3. Post your picture on Instagram or Twitter using #OmegaOrbisTeddy


Please call the OMEGA boutique at NorthPark Center at 469.232.9999 for more information.