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Victoria Snee

Celebrities like Debra Messing, Olivia Wilde and Paris Hilton all turn to skin care guru Kate Somerville for their glowing complexions. The renowned esthetician recently made a stop at Neiman Marcus at NorthPark Center to share some of her best skin care secrets. I had the honor of hosting the Q&A sessions with Somerville. She is not only amazing at her craft but also a sincere and humble person. 

Here are a few questions I asked her:

How did you get started in the beauty industry, and what inspired you to start your skincare collection?

I battled a variety of skin concerns growing up, so I’ve always had a strong desire to understand and improve skin care. I found my calling and opened the Kate Somerville Skin Care Experts Clinic on Melrose Place in 2004. Suddenly, I became known as Hollywood’s ultimate skin health expert, which was such an honor.

Your ExfoliKate products are very popular. Why is exfoliating so important and what’s the best way to do it?

Exfoliation clears the skin of dry skin. This helps other products work better by allowing them to penetrate deeper. ExfoliKate uses both physical and chemical exfoliation. Exfoliants and fruit enzymes work together to remove the top layer of dead skin, and reveal a smoother, brighter, healthier-looking skin in just two minutes.

What’s the most common skincare faux paus you see women make?

Not using SPF! After the summer months and entering winter, I see clients targeting discoloration and hyperpigmentation. But it’s still so important to remember what while using these products you must use an SPF on a daily basis. I recommend an SPF with a 50+ protection.

What are the most common skin concerns you see and treat?

Most people battle with different concerns in different areas. My advice is to products for these specific areas. Perhaps, one moisturizer won’t work everywhere for you. Get to know your skin and customize your perfect skin care regimen.

Can you share a beauty insider tip?

Skin glows when it’s healthy and hydrated. You should layer moisturizers over serums to lock in both moisture and hydration. Drinking plenty of water also helps keep skin healthy and hydrated!