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Loryn Weddle

The streets in Paris are lined with the fashion elite this week, due to my favorite week of the year: Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. New York, Milan and London fashion weeks have nothing in comparison to the opulence and splendor of Paris Couture Week.  Each show is a complete retraction of reality and if done well, it will evoke a certain emotion from anyone watching.

Some may argue that haute couture is a dying and unattainable art, but with the emergence of design houses creating much more wearable collections recently, it can be argued that couture is breathing new life.

Here are some of my favorite looks from a few of the shows.


At the Atelier Versace show, Donatella Versace gave a nod to Grace Jones with hooded dresses and suits. 

The Valentino show was both opulent and austere. The juxtaposition of intricate gowns of lace and embroidery with simply draped crepe marocain gowns, created quite a journey through the collection.

The Chanel show was a delight with models skipping down the stairs in sporty looks complete with sneakers. This sent a message completely opposite of Chanel’s normal standard of excess. Lagerfeld described the show as, "an ice palace, a nightclub on another planet." 

Last, but certainly not least, on my favorites list was Elie Saab. This collection was simply breathtaking and had an angelic feel to it. There was no shortage of Saab’s signature embroidery and floral appliqués on gowns that would make any woman feel like a goddess.


All images from Style.com.