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Despite popular belief, being Kris Kringle doesn’t give me license to chow down on Krispy Kreme donuts all year long. There’s definitely an art to being Santa, and most of the craft is personal maintenance. I just don’t have the metabolism of a spry 650-year-old anymore, so I’ve got to watch what I eat — right down to the sugar cookie. That isn’t easy.

Thankfully, I’ve got a great business partner: Mrs. Claus. From calculating my precise intake of food for maintaining my pleasing belly curve without getting out of shape (hey, round is a shape) to ordering pallets of reindeer feed for Dasher, Rudolph and my other crew members, Mrs. C. has got the office management part of this grand old operation covered. So as Movember draws to a close and she begins eyeing my scraggly face mane with disdain, I know she’ll pencil in her favorite solution. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

One year ago, when I was doing a scheduled photo shoot at NorthPark Center, Mrs. Claus noticed a unique boutique for men: The Art of Shaving. Just as there’s an art to being Santa Claus, there’s an art to masculine beard-scaping — one that few truly ever really master. Well let me tell you, these guys get it right.

I’ve had a beard for so many hundreds of years that it’s basically an integral part of my face. Attempts to shave and style it solely into a mustache have destroyed enough razor blades to arm an elven army to their very teeth, all to no avail. I’d given up to the point where I was just hitting my beard with a string trimmer every couple hundred years and calling it good. That just wasn’t good enough for Mrs. C., so she scheduled an appointment at The Art of Shaving.

It literally changed my life. Their 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave whipped my tangled mess into shape most ricky-tick, and now I never schedule a shoot without first consulting the pros at NorthPark Center’s store. They start with the prep phase and move carefully into a luxurious lather with 100% pure essential oil products. When they finally ease into the shave and moisturizing processes, I’m so relaxed that even an abominable snowman couldn’t break my Zen. I walk out completely free from nicks, bumps and razor burn — which matters quite a bit when bundled up with North Pole winter layers. Rudolph’s red nose even perks up  because I smell simply amazing.      

If you’re sporting a manly mane after supporting a great men’s health cause in Movember, the perfect place to get a close shave or pick up the best in grooming and skin care is at The Art of Shaving in NorthPark Center. Make an appointment now so you can get that perfect Christmas card look.

-Santa Claus