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Kristen Gibbins

As a mom to two little boys, I’ve learned to embrace superheroes.  And why not – they are strong, mighty, and always save the day! My little boys will play with superheroes for hours on end recreating scenarios of the good guys versus the bad guys. Luckily for my super-hero obsessed boys, there are a number of products from NorthPark Center available to feed into their obsession.

Arctic Batman™ vs. Mr. Freeze™: Aquaman™ on Ice

The LEGO store at NorthPark Center is stocked full of all kinds of Marvel superhero creations for those who want to make buildings, cars, trucks and more. This building set puts Mr. Freeze against Arctic Batman in a competition of speed in the powerful Batboat complete with exhaust flames, missiles and bombs.  Retails for around $20 from LEGO NorthPark Center.

Superhero Raglan Tee

If your little one wants to wear their obsession on their sleeve, there are a variety of great t-shirt styles available from Gap Kids.   This shirt is 100% cotton and features long raglan sleeves and crewneck with several Marvel superhero characters ready for action. Retails for just over $25 from Gap Kids NorthPark Center.

Stride Rite Spider-Man Crib Shoe

You can never start them too young! I love these Stride Rite Spider-Man Crib shoes for ages 0-12 months from Nordstrom NorthPark Center.  Retails for just over $20 from Nordstrom NorthPark Center.

Superhero Kids Socks

Even their tiny little toes can be outfitted with superheroes.  This Superhero Kids Socks line is available in a variety of styles and the price is right at just around $8 from Macy’s NorthPark Center. These are a favorite in our household.

Power Nap Avengers Sleeping Bag

Little ones can live, breath AND sleep superheroes with the Avengers Assemble Sleeping Bag by Disney. They can sleep easy, knowing that Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor are there to save the day.  Retails for around $25 at the Disney Store at NorthPark Center.