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Rodd & Gunn Printed Shirt

Adventures in the South Seas inspire the look and practicality of Rodd & Gunn’s spring collection.

The South Pacific is home for the New Zealand-based men’s retailer that specializes in a unique brand of sporty, preppie style with lean contemporary lines.

The spring collection has something for nearly every occasion, from linen jackets and slacks suitable for the office to trim polos, linen shirts shorts and swim trunks for downtime.

Rodd & Gunn creative director John Prikryl pays close attention to feel and wearability of fabrics, so the spring and summer lines are rife with cotton and linen.

“Before all else, a garment should be a pleasure to wear–it should look good, feel good and play well,” he says.

The new polos feature a softer, silkier touch and are knitted for optimal performance in heat and humidity, Prikryl points out.

Dress shorts are newly stitched of a soft cotton stretch fabric that’s designed for movement as well as comfort. The store also stocks a bounty of linen shirts in a variety of stripes, solids and prints.

Swim shorts are cut to mid length and made of a lightweight polyamide fabric that’s durable and quick drying.

Rodd & Gunn creates its own prints and excels in subtle whimsy. One almost-geometric graphic is actually the repeated silhouette of a parrot. Others feature pineapples, hibiscus flowers and flamingos. There are also dots and stripes.

While shopping at Rodd & Gunn, take a few minutes to consider the store’s unique decor. The lodge-like space was designed in New Zealand and decorated partly with antiques sourced in Dallas.

The company is big on up-cycling. Look closely and you’ll see that an old door has been transformed into a coffee table, and shoes are displayed on industrial drawers. Fiddle leaf figs nestle in wooden planters dating to 1920.

The bespoke ambiance is a visual reminder of Rodd & Gunn’s passion for quality.