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Taylor Zakarin

If you happen to be heading to lunch at Bread Winners or La Duni, be sure to build some extra time in your schedule to see NorthPark’s new children’s art exhibition! From August 8 – August 23 an exhibition presented by Project:Start refugee center, an organization that works to connect refugees in Dallas with the resources they need to find stability, will be on view in the stretch area by Bookmarks. The exhibition, titled My American Dreams includes 38 works of art by children from refugee families in the Vickery Meadow neighborhood and beyond. Children from Afghanistan, Myanmar, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Iraq and Iran have all participated.

Thousands upon thousands of refugees live within this three-mile stretch of a North Dallas called Vickery Meadow. With over 30 different languages spoken, their needs are as diverse as the community itself. The purpose of My American Dreams is to demonstrate that despite these diverse backgrounds, we are all, at our core, the same. Each drawing is accompanied by a caption written by the child, explaining his or her dreams – to be a basketball player, to be a chef, to be a teacher, a pilot, or a doctor. Their goals and aspirations are the same as any child, whether they are from Burma, Afghanistan, Texas, or New York.

We are so excited to support these children’s aspirations and to give them the exciting opportunity to see their work applauded and welcomed in an institution like NorthPark Center.




Project: Start is a refugee resource center connecting Dallas’ refugee community with the resources they need to find stability in a new land. With a physical location in the heart of North Dallas’ Vickery Meadow, Project: Start is easily accessible to this unique community. Refugees are welcome to come, explain their needs, and receive the information they need to find help in any situation.