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Loryn Weddle

A perfect blowout is a science and unless you are well trained in the art, creating a flawless hairstyle can be a tricky business. Founder & all-around #GirlBoss of drybar, Alli Webb, has spilled her secrets on how to get the perfect blowout at home in her new book The drybar Guide to Good Hair for All.  Alli stopped by drybar at NorthPark Center on her book tour and we got the scoop on all things hair!


LW: Who is your celebrity hair icon?

AW: Rosie Huntington 


LW: What was the inspiration behind your book?

AW: I want women everywhere to have great hair, feel amazing and have confidence - good hair does that! 


LW: Tell us your number one tip for a good hair day.

AW: Get or give yourself a thorough blowout! Start with super clean, conditioned hair and work in small sections. 


LW: What is your favorite blowout on the menu?

AW: Oh, that's easy - The Mai Tai! It's my go-to! 


LW: When you are having a lazy hair day, what is your go-to style?

AW: That's where the Dirty Martini comes in... lots of Dry Shampoo (Detox), Texturizer (Triple Sec) & Detox Conditioner.  


LW: For a blowout novice, what skill would you suggest to master first?

AW: The fine art of sectioning - working in small, manageable sections. 


LW: How do you keep your hair healthy?

AW: By only washing my hair 2-3 times per week and using lots of masks and treatments. (Mudslide Hydrating Mask & Bay Breeze)

It’s time for rapid fire..

LW: Long or short hair?

AW: Long.. at the moment. 


LW: Curled or straight?

AW: Both! 


LW: Extensions or natural hair?

AW: Both! 


LW: Lipstick or lipgloss?

AW: Lipstick 

Pick up a copy of The drybar Guide to Good Hair for All for more tips and tricks to your best hair. For more information or to book an appointment, contact drybar at 214.989.6136.