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Isabel O'Neill

                                  Longchamp's "Urban Nature" video

To garner attention from new audiences and ultimately drive sales, several brands have launched eye-catching new campaigns for fall 2016. Through quirky videos, political angles and rising celebrities, three of NorthPark Center's premier retailers have set out to raise the bar.

Longchamp’s new campaign features a whimsical video about three women who are close friends. The video, titled "Urban Nature", introduces each woman and creatively accents the diversity and versatility available in a single collection. With an active YouTube channel, Longchamp successfully provides the path for the consumer to build a personal connection to the brand. 

Elie Tahari’s choice to go political is another interesting angle. Using a current event like a United States election is sure to spark curiosity. The brand chose the theme “Madam President” and pictures model Shlomit Malka in what appears to represent the Oval Office.


Targeting consumers with up-and-coming celebrities is not unheard of. However, Tiffany & Co. is a legacy brand and usually follows a certain image. To shake things up, they have tapped Lupita Nyong’o and Elle Fanning to makeover their typical campaign. With a new (and more affordable) “Love” collection, the images are sure to intrigue a different client.