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Isabel O'Neill

When the founders of diptyque decided to open a store on 34 boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris where they could sell printed soft furnishings, they also gave their customers the opportunity to discover the biggest names in traditional English perfumes. After introducing their own line of scented candles, these eventually became the focus of their business.

La Prouveresse scented pillar candle ($75), Marché aux Epices scented pillar candle ($75), Le Redouté scented pillar candle ($75)

Fast forward to today, diptyque is a household name offering over fifty scented candles. The latest collection, The 34 Collection, is full of unique objects from home décor to new perfumes all paying homage to the spirit of the very first boutique. These novel creations are reminiscent of the past yet completely modern. See the scented candles, personal fragrances, home fragrances, accessories, textiles and stationery all creating the newly iconic 34 Collection.

Légende pillow ($90), Prétorien pillow ($90), Paladin pillow ($90), Paladin pouch ($45), Légende pouch ($45), Prétorien pouch ($45), Légende tote ($58), Prétorien tote ($58), Paladin tote ($58)

Essences Insensées Eau de Parfum ($180), 34 boulevard saint germain scented oval ($52), Carrousel ($40)