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Loryn Weddle


For their Spring/Summer 2016 Collection, TOD’S has introduced a new project that highlights 15 strong personalities who devote their lives to music, film, photography and acting. This harmonious group is now known as TOD’S Band, and they’re launching “Wave Attitude.” This project focuses on the exclusive TOD’S Wave Bag interpreted by the sophisticated TOD’S Band girls highlighted in the video above.

This group of women is determined, but above all different in the way they move in the world. They are an international group that follows their own rules with a sense of detail, which makes all the difference – a typical characteristic of Italian Style.

The object of desire throughout the portraits and video is the Wave Bag, made of high craftsmanship and precious materials. Worn on the shoulder, firmly gripped or thrown loosely on the arm: the bag has a special movement that’s created alongside the looks and gestures in the portraits and the videos. Contact the NorthPark Center TOD’S boutique at 214.363.6600 for additional information about the Spring/Summer 2016 Collection.