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Katie Durham

Spring has sprung and we all know what that means… our closets need serious re-vamping. So with that in mind, I decided to pop into H&M to find some spring/summer necessities that won’t break the bank. 

First and foremost, fringe.  It’s EVERYWHERE. Now, instead of splurging on a fringed leather skirt or handbag, H&M has some equally trendy options that won’t leave you crying when you look at your credit card statement.

At a whopping $24.95 you can go out in style in this fabulous fringe skirt and still have enough left over for dinner and maybe a second margarita. 

To add a touch of trendiness to an otherwise simple outfit, this fringed shoulder bag is the perfect solution. It’s small enough that it doesn’t dominate the entire ensemble, but still adds a little bit of 70’s chic. ($34.95)

Another trend we’ve been seeing a lot of is culottes: the hip and chic older sister to the gaucho. H&M has a fabulous version priced at $34.95.       


Finally, stripes have once again made a comeback.  From dresses to accessories, H&M has many classic and affordable options to keep you stylish in stripes.  

This short fitted dress is sure to receive tons of compliments whether you’re at work or play. 

So head on over to H&M at NorthPark and revamp that wardrobe!