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Shelby Foster

NorthPark Center is many things – shopping mecca, community gathering place, art museum, etc. But did you know that it once served as a TV studio for The Charlie Rose Show in 1980 and 1981? The popular local show was usually filmed in Fort Worth at the NBC/KXAS-TV studios. However, Charlie Rose and his crew made the jaunt to NorthPark twice in two years to film the show right here in High Court – now called SouthCourt, located near Louis Vuitton.

The show orchestrated both live and taped episodes May 12-23, 1980 and again October 12-16, 1981. Guests for the 1980 run included The Young and the Restless star Dennis Cole, cosmetics icon Mary Kay Ash, and restaurateur Joe T. Garcia. Each show was free and open to the public – most shows drew upwards of 200 people to be in the live audience. The photos below illustrate how the NBC crew transformed NorthPark into a TV studio, and as an added bonus, provide an entertaining snapshot into the fashions of the 1980s.




Famed Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach was also interviewed for the show at NorthPark.




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