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Shelby Foster

NorthPark Center is pleased to present a new exhibition by leading contemporary artist Leo Villareal. The exhibit consists of two sculptures – Buckyball, 2015, and Diamond Sea, 2007. Both are on view starting today.

Nancy Nasher and David Haemisegger commissioned Buckyball specifically for CenterPark Garden, where it will be on permanent view. The work is inspired by Buckminster Fuller and combines concepts of geometry and coding with illuminated sculpture. Buckyball features a total of 4,500 LED nodes arranged in a series of pentagons and hexagons, each programmed by Villareal to display over 16 million distinct colors.

To truly experience the work, visit CenterPark at night, once the LEDs have been turned on. Enjoy the mesmerizing display of colors from the zero-gravity benches surrounding the sculpture.

Diamond Sea is a 10-by-15-foot wall-like sculpture with 2,400 white LED nodes. As the name suggests, the mirrored façade of the work, pinpricked by flashed of light, is evocative of the sun catching the spontaneous ripples in the sea. This work is on loan from the artist and will be on view at NorthPark for a limited time.

For more information on the art collection at NorthPark, visit our art page