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Whitney Terrell

If you haven’t heard, Chipotle is now open at NorthPark Center. Our social media channels have been buzzing with excitement. Popular menu items at Chipotle such as the buritto bowls and burittos are a no-brainer, but what if you wanted to get creative? I recently read that you can create over 65,000 possible combinations with their variety of fresh ingredients and they also have a secret menu! Below are two secret menu items that I can not wait to try.


Tortilla chips are offered on the menu, but did you ever think to create nachos? You can get all of your favorite burrito toppings on top of fresh tortilla chips. Just order a burrito bowl, but then ask for chips at the bottom instead of rice and then voila…you have nachos!


Named by hackthemenu.com, the Burritodilla is exactly what it sounds like; a burrito and quesadilla combination. Essentially, you will order a burrito but ask for about half of the amount of fillings. They will then grill the burrito just a like a quesadilla.

We’d love to know what your favorite Chipotle combinations are. Follow us at @northparkcenter on instagram and twitter. Geo tag us in your pictures from chipotle and let us know what you ordered.