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Whitney Terrell

Foodies rejoice! PIRCH does not only carry home appliances, but they also have a variety of cookware to elevate your at home cooking experiences. Featured during one of PIRCH’s daily cooking demos, the Himalayan salt block is one of those items that will add flavor and a stunning presentation to your meals.

The Himalayan salt block can be used with both hot and cold food items. You can heat it up to cook vegetables, shrimp, fish or beef, or you can freeze the block to serve everything from fruit and cheese to sushi.

In this particular demo, the in-house chef cooked shrimp with a rosemary garnish and mixed vegetables. Himalayan salt is naturally anti-microbial and is easily cleaned with a quick scrub and rinse. It retails for $35.

Daily cooking demos at PIRCH occur at 6PM and cover a range of cooking methods like steaming, grilling, using a range oven, etc.  Stop by the new PIRCH store located on Level Two between Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom for more details.