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Whitney Terrell

When you think of every day home necessities like sponges or laundry baskets, you don’t necessarily expect them to add glam to your home décor. Leave it to Pirch to change your expectations! In their home décor and gift section you can find fabulous items that range from $5 sponges to $1200 art pieces and everything is equally unique. Below are a few practical items that every household needs. Pirch has just added a little sparkle to them.

These silver and gold metallic sponges ($5) are definitely not your typical Brillo pad. They are stylish enough to leave on your counter top. You may just look forward to doing the dishes!

The LANCE Woven pillows ($750) in antique gold and gunmetal silver are made out of handwoven antique leather. A mixture of gold and silver will take your living space to another level of chic.

Who would have thought that laundry baskets ($180 - $225) made out of silver candy wrappers could elevate your laundry room? This is another example of how Pirch can take a common household item and turn it into something so much more. The baskets are available in small, medium and large (not pictured) sizes.

A little glitz goes a long way. Stop by Pirch located on Level Two between Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom or call 469.250.9750 for more information.