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Whitney Terrell

Local design company Global Views and Studio A have a special pop-up shop at Pirch that will be open through the end of April. The company specializes in finding handmade pieces from all over the world that are made with the upmost quality. A lot of their pieces are made to order or they find artifacts that are preserved and have a special story. To give you an idea of the type of products available, below are just a few examples.

These are not your ordinary lacquer boxes. The box itself is made out of ceramic and covered with hand-painted marble paper. The lacquer is all-natural and comes from sequoia trees in Vietnam. The box is coated seven times to create this flawless finish. The small box retails for $195 and the larger size is $220.

While we see this as a decorative piece, this is actually a water bottle ($185 - $235) for camel riders made in Madagascar. This is one of the many artifacts that Global Views has discovered over the years. Camel riders soak the terracotta bottle in the river overnight and fill it with fresh water in the morning. The water from the night before that is absorbed into the terracotta helps to preserve the fresh water inside. Pretty cool, right?

This cantilever table would definitely make for a fabulous statement piece in your home. The base is carved out of solid white marble and, because this was designed by an architect, the structure of the piece is held together simply by gravity. There are no screws used. This particular table is covered in all natural agate however, as a made to order piece, you can have it covered in other semi-precious stones like tigers eye and malachite.

Pirch also has a number of Assouline coffee table books for a limited time. Visit the Pirch store and see a store associate for more information.