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Whitney Terrell

This month for “Chef Spotlight,” I had the opportunity to meet with Mrs. Davis from Pho Kitchen. She is a veteran chef in Dallas with over 25 years of experience in the restaurant business. Mrs. Davis takes so much pride in the food being served at Pho Kitchen. If you let her describe some of the dishes, you may just end up craving all of them.

Much like her previous restaurant Lemongrass Asian Bistro that was located in Deep Ellum, Pho Kitchen features popular Vietnamese cuisine. “Everyone loves the pho,” when asked which dish is the most popular amongst NorthPark Center customers.  This Vietnamese noodle soup packs a lot of fresh flavors such as basil, ginger and green onion. With your soupspoon in one hand and chop sticks in another, slurping is encouraged when you are eating pho.

Mrs. Davis made it a point to let me know that all ingredients are fresh and healthy. Nothing on the menu is fried and everything is prepared the same day. Another customer favorite is the Banh Mi sandwich. I learned that the French inspired this creation way back in the colonial period in Vietnam; hence, why a French baguette is used.  The pâté and aioli replace mayonnaise on a typical sandwich and they are both made completely from scratch at Pho Kitchen.

In the upcoming weeks, Mrs. Davis will re-introduce their rice bowl and curry dishes to the menu. Pho Kitchen is located on Level Two in the NorthPark Cafés area. Mrs. Davis will likely be working behind the counter, so feel free to say hello!