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Taylor Zakarin

While shopping at NorthPark Center, you’ve probably noticed several pieces of art when walking from store to store. As the Manager of Art Programming, my job spans in responsibility – from helping choose the works on view in the center, to leading tours, to creating new programs surrounding the NorthPark Art Collection! From its inception, NorthPark has always been an incredible place to view some of the most cutting edge and interesting public art in the country. Raymond Nasher believed that the best-case scenario was that a shopper might stop to view the art, and then appreciate learning about the piece. Today, not only does one have the opportunity to simply view the art while walking through NorthPark, but also they may use our mobile app to read an in-depth history about each piece. I am perhaps most excited about bringing in more students, particularly elementary and middle school classes, hopefully opening their eyes to how diverse the definition of what “art” is can really be.

Each month, I’ll highlight new art initiatives, spotlight interesting history and stories about some of the art, and give you behind the scenes insights on new installations and happenings with the collection.

The first piece I’d like to highlight is one of my favorites, Yet to be Titled (peeking figure) by Thomas Houseago.

The piece is entirely cast in bronze, even the base! Next time you’re walking by this piece, be sure to look closely at the bottom. The base looks like wood, but when Houseago cast the original piece, he included the original wooden base, giving the bronze base an appearance of a wood grain finish. Perhaps my favorite aspect of this piece is the indexical references to the artist – viewers can see his fingerprints, hands and nails gouging out and molding. This is unlike the smooth finished patina of other pieces at NorthPark, for example the beautiful Henry Moore sculpture. If you closely view the side of the sculpture, you can see his eyes and mouth from profile view, and his arm is reaching over his head to grab the front of his face.

Check out my favorite piece the next time you visit NorthPark Center. Art Tour maps are available at the concierge desk on Level One next to Neiman Marcus.