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Shelby Foster

NorthPark Center has undergone many expansions and transformations throughout its 50 years, but one thing has remained constant – the NorthPark logo. Raymond D. Nasher hired Los Angeles-based graphic designer Herb Rosenthal to create several different options for the logo before the opening in 1965. The winning design was a tree, with an arrow pointing north for the trunk – a visual representation of the name, NorthPark.

To our knowledge, this is the first newspaper ad that included the NorthPark logo. The copy at the bottom introduces NorthPark to the community – “It’s a shopping center, it’s a garden, it’s a year round park.” This ad also quotes Rosenthal, the graphic designer. “In both form and color it represents the park-like quality of the center,” he said.

In an article published in the Dallas Times Herald on August 18, 1965, Mr. Nasher gives his vision for the logo: “Hopefully, after people experience this and see it frequently they will come to recognize it as meaning NorthPark.”

The article also mentions the placement of the logo on the top corners of each storefront, an architectural feature that remains today.

While the logo itself has remained unchanged throughout the years, the typeface and treatment of the word “NorthPark” has varied.

Today, the little tree, with “NorthPark” to the right of it, is used across our website, advertisements, directories and more.

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