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Shelby Foster

origins plantscription

A skincare routine, whether you are exploring new products or establishing a routine from scratch, should be a part of everyone's new year's resolutions. Dedicating just a few minutes each morning and night can drastically change how your skin looks and feels. The beauty industry continues to grow and offer us more products to choose from, so you're not alone in feeling overwhelmed every time you need to replace a cleanser or moisturizer.

That's where we come in! This post outlines a simple winter routine that is suitable for most skin types. And of course, all the products are available at NorthPark.

aesop fabulous face cleanser

Cleanser - Aēsop Fabulous Face Cleanser
Cleansing is the foundation of your routine, as all the products you apply afterwards will work best on clean skin. Aēsop's Fabulous Face Cleanser is boosted with purifying and hydrating botanicals to cleanse gently without stripping.

fresh eye cream

Eye Cream - Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate
Our eyes are the first place to show age, and it's important to keep this area hydrated. This eye cream from Fresh does the job beautifully, providing moisture and reducing the appearance of dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines.

summer fridays cc me serum

Morning Serum - Summer Fridays CC Me Serum at Sephora
Adding a vitamin C serum to your morning skincare routine is a sure-fire way to see more radiance and clearer skin. Summer Fridays at Sephora makes a multitasking serum that improves skin texture and lightens dark spots. 

origins plantscription serum

Evening Serum - Origins Plantscription Anti-Aging Power Serum
Give your skin a collagen boost with this serum from Origins. Vital-plant technology delivers 11 powerful, naturally derived youth-boosters to minimizes lines and wrinkles when used consistently.

kiehl's ultra facial cream

Moisturizer - Kiehl's Since 1851 Ultra Facial Cream
When it comes to moisturizers, the simpler, the better! You can't go wrong with Kiehl's best-selling facial cream that locks in moisture and keeps skin hyrdated for up to 24 hours. 

elta md sunscreen

SPF - Elta MD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 at Renew Beauty
The last step of your morning routine is SPF, the number one ingredient to prevent aging. Elta MD at Renew Beauty is dermatologist-recommended and safe for even the most sensitive and acne-prone skins.