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Shelby Foster

One of the best presents a NorthPark shopper can receive is a suede pouch of NorthPark Gold. The small gold coins have been a staple at NorthPark Center for 46 years. They made their debut for the holidays in 1969 as simple $5 coins that could be used like cash at any store. A newspaper clipping from the early 1970s references “N.P.’s Gold Booth,” where patrons could purchase the gold in “charming gift packages.” 

Today, NorthPark Gold comes in small, beige pouches with the NorthPark Logo inside a shiny gold box. The sleeve shown above was the packaging used in the 1970s.

The first advertisement for NorthPark Gold ran in the December 9, 1969 issue of the Dallas Times Herald.

This flyer from 1970 promoted a special Easter egg decorating contest for kids, with $25 in NorthPark Gold as the “Grand Sweepstakes Prize.” NorthPark continues this tradition today with giveaways in social media contests, on radio shows, and at events and charity auctions.

NorthPark Gold is still in high demand, especially every year around the holidays. It is available for purchase in increments of $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 at the NorthPark Concierge, located on Level One near Neiman Marcus.

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